Welcome to my practice.

Maribeth Kallemeyn

I specialize in depth psychotherapy with individuals of diverse backgrounds and circumstances. My approach values you as a whole person, in depth.
I relate to each individual as a person rather than as a label, and so each person’s therapy experience is unique.

Those who come to me for therapy bring a wide range of concerns, aims and hopes. I see the questions and suffering that a person brings as an entry point toward healing and growth. Therapy can be a journey of claiming unknown or forgotten inner resources and strength. It can be a movement out of isolation and immobility into relationship and vital living.

Choosing a therapist who is a good fit is important, and meeting in person is usually the best way to find this out. You are welcome to call for an initial meeting to explore the possibility of working together.

Areas of experience and expertise include

• anxiety
• relationship difficulties
• depression
• trauma/PTSD
• grief and loss
• life transitions
• spiritual concerns
• work concerns
• loss of sense of meaning and purpose
• dealing with physical illness/chronic pain
• dream groups
• depth psychotherapy
• Jungian analysis

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