I believe the therapeutic relationship is foundational to healing and growth in psychotherapy. I value a therapy relationship that is marked by empathy, encounter, care and mutual discovery. Both our growing and our wounding as humans happen within the matrix of relationship. And so it is possible that our healing and our further growth may happen within a trustworthy therapy relationship.

I draw on a Jungian depth orientation in my work. This perspective holds that the psyche is creative. It recognizes that making contact with deeper and unknown aspects of ourselves can foster healing and authentic living. It draws on the power of the symbolic and the imagination, and it recognizes the value of feeling. Also, the Jungian orientation makes room for the client’s own healing energies and resources to emerge in the context of a therapist-client partnership that is marked by mutuality.

In addition to the relationship-based and Jungian orientations, my training and experience allow me to draw on other approaches where they fit, including cognitive behavioral, existential, and mindfulness.